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Protect Your People, Property, Information & Profits

Cyber security threats are real and pose a growing danger to organizations all over the world. We can help you mitigate and manage your risks.

The Threats are Real

In an ever-more connected and digitized world, the threats of cybercrime, intellectual property, and manufacturing systems continue to grow. While the digitalization of our fundamental infrastructure through cloud computing, mobile and social technologies and the internet of things is amazing, it also creates new risks that need to be considered and either treated or accepted (statistics from Barkly).


52% of organizations that suffered successful cyber attacks in 2016 aren't making any changes to their security in 2017


78% of people claim to be aware of the risks of unknown links in emails. And yet they click anyway.


97.25% of emails containing a form of ransomware in Q3 2016 - up from 92% in Q1 2016

How we Help

CISO Insights offers a wide range of services to help protect your people, property, information and profits from cyber security threats.

CISO on Call

While not every organization can employ a world class Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), you can have access to a leader with 20+ years of experience leading fortune and global 500 security programs for an hour, a day, a week or longer. You can also create a retainer relationship so you can work with a CISO for a longer term and they can get to know your organization.

Security Assessment & Roadmap

Though silent and often invisible, cybercrime is an exploding threat to businesses globally. A pragmatic assessment of the state of your current security program that gives you a no-nonsense understanding of your security risk posture.

A roadmap for enhancing your organizations security program balances the need of the business to excel and innovate with the risk & investment tradeoff the organization is comfortable with accepting.

Security Program Build

Once you have identified the program elements you need for enhancing for your organization’s secure posture, the next step is to engage access to professional security leadership to drive the measurable outcome you want.

Whether it's risk management, security policy, compliance, security awareness, vulnerability management, security monitoring or any other capability, our experienced leaders know just the right way to build the program quickly and cost effectively.

Digital Security

In 2016 the internet economy generated up to 3 trillion USD annually, and estimates find that cybercrime is costing businesses 400-500 billion USD a year. In a digital world, these risks are amplified by nascent technologies with immature security models; these require special treatment to ensure they don’t create catastrophic consequences for your organization.

Further, most security programs have no plan to develop internal capabilities to meet the digital revolution that business units are engaging in. We can help by developing a clear roadmap to help any security program in a digital world.

Ready to Get Started?

Contact CISO Insights to learn more about our services, and how we can help.  We know how challenging, yet rewarding, the CISO role can be.  We want to help you achieve your goals, and continue to enable your organization to succeed!

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