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Avoid Falling Victim to the Risks You Face in a Digital World

We can help you mitigate and manage the risks that abound in today's internet economy.

Digital Security

Get a clear roadmap to help your security program navigate its through through digital world.

In 2016 the internet economy generated up to 3 trillion USD annually, and estimates find that cybercrime is costing businesses 400-500 billion USD a year.

In a digital world, these risks are amplified by nascent technologies with immature security models; these require special treatment to ensure they don’t create catastrophic consequences for your organization.

Further, most security programs have no plan to develop internal capabilities to meet the digital revolution that business units are engaging in.

We can help by developing a clear roadmap to help any security program in a digital world.

Social Media

Social media puts your brand on display right out front and invites others to engage it, even though your brand is one of the most precious assets you have.

Protecting your image and your financial opportunities requires special assistance.

Mobile Devices

Mobile computing is changing the world no doubt; the internet’s biggest sites now give preference to websites built for mobile, and mobile technologies are often less secure than the traditional desktop cousins.

Advanced Malware

It is no longer good enough to ensure your Anti-virus program is up to date and hope you don’t get malware. But there are many good solutions and training programs to reduce risks from advanced malware and ransomware and losing your intellectual property.

Virtual Reality

Virtual, Augmented & Immersive Reality

The advent of Virtual reality (VR), Augmented reality(AR) and Immersive reality (IR) (or mixed reality for overall) offer a plethora of applications to make life more entertaining, business more connected, and manufacturing more efficient.

VR advancements are truly stunning to the senses with more tactile and sensory input options every day; the integration of personalized and corporate information creates new attack surfaces to consider.

The first big noise in the AR world for many people was the Pokémon Go app that created security risks in the real world enabled solely by the virtual world, but beyond that AR offers many cool business applications that also need a security perspective.

The IR technology is probably some of the richest business focused technology; look no further then how Airbus uses IR to immerse into a virtual aircraft design and evaluate the efficacy before actually building the design, the savings must be immense.

Internet of Things

The Internet of things creates a problem as old as the computer itself, which is, not being designed specifically to be secure. The massive connectivity and ‘always on’ nature of devices that have historically never connected before creates a new paradigm where the technology is easy to setup and use but much harder to secure and protect from outside abuse. 

Virtual Currencies & Block Chain Technologies

The rise of virtual currencies like Bitcoin and the potential commercial uses of its underlying block chain technologies have become an emerging technological platform for business. There are many issues to consider in utilizing these technologies to protect the system end to end.

Ready to Get Started?

Contact CISO Insights to learn more about our services, and how we can help.  We know how challenging, yet rewarding, the CISO role can be.  We want to help you achieve your goals, and continue to enable your organization to succeed!

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