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Paradigm Shift

“Cyber Security 1.0” was vulnerability based, and has what I would argue limited and decreasing levels of success as public breaches continue at a record pace even though IT and IT security spending continues to be an increasing leadership and spending priority. The problem as I see it is that, at least in North America, we…

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Managing Important Risks

In my first post I discussed the fact that public breaches are trending to all time high levels. Combine this with continued financial pressures to cut costs, expanding technology risk drivers such as cloud computing and the ‘consumerization’ of IT, and you have the perfect storm for an unmanageable attack surface given the current investment…

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Security Intelligence Next Big Thing

In 2010 Gartner espoused that applied security (Signals) intelligence was no longer an option for companies. I called the analyst on this not because I thought he was wrong, on the contrary, because I thought they should swing for the fences a little bit more readily! Signals intelligence is a great and useful tool if…

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