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About CISO Insights

CISO Insights is an Enterprise Security Consultancy that brings together a number of the top Cyber Security and Enterprise Security Risk Management leaders in the world today to offer a suite of Security Advisory and Consulting services focused on the Global 2000 business community.

Our Mission

CISO Insights believes that every organization has the right to protect its people, proprietary information and property. While the world online can be a scary place, organizations and the people within them have the unalienable right to carry out their corporate and personal missions and prosper.

We aim to be a focused global leader in advising our clients on how to effectively protect their organization against the Cyber and Physical threats that face them today. While the security profession, law enforcement and governments can make the world and business environment a safer place as a whole, protecting a specific business or organization from today’s cyber threats requires highly skilled, pragmatic and business focused decision making; we bring nearly 100 years combined executive leadership experience in making those cogent decisions.

New York

What We Do

We transform enterprises’ security strategy, programs and protection results through the leadership we provide, the teams of highly skilled resources we employ, and the products and services we deliver.

The CISO Insights team is made up of security leaders and practitioners, but foremost, we are people who wake up each day trying to protect someone or something. The skills and expertise we share are built on 30 years each of hard fought battles helping businesses through good times and bad.

Clients often just don’t know what they don’t know, and we are experts in shining the light on the places in organizations where the confusion is created and helping business leaders understand what risks they actually face, not what the news media or pundits tell you.

No scare tactics or the sky is falling hype, simply common sense advice delivered by people who advised hundreds of business leaders across global organizations and their Boards.

What Makes Us Different

Even in this day and age of hackers and nation states stealing everyone’s information, you can make decisions and take reasonable steps to protect your information and intellectual property, expand your enterprise, take bold business risks, and make bets to beat the competition in the face of ever increasing risk.

When you begin to understand how attackers think, and comprehend the risks and trade-offs in plain English, protecting your organization can get much less complicated and expensive.

After decades of experience leading global 1000 companies security programs, we have seen companies pay millions of dollars unnecessarily to protect their organizations without a clear set of goals, effective strategy and measureable results.

Unlike the big box organizations that seek to scare you or extract the most money possible, we seek to customize a solution for you based on common sense and pragmatic action.


Ready to Get Started?

Contact CISO Insights to learn more about our services, and how we can help.  We know how challenging, yet rewarding, the CISO role can be.  We want to help you achieve your goals, and continue to enable your organization to succeed!

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